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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Foragers Diary; December 2018

Foraging isn't always about bringing edible things home, in the Spirit of Christmas as well as this pheasant I brought home a big bundle of mistletoe to decorate the house; 

As well as collecting mistletoe, the pheasant breasts will go into the multi bird roast that we are preparing for Christmas and other preparations have included preparing some rolled, stuffed venison joints;

There will be plenty of venison to share with friends and family and we've been preparing some goose crowns to share as well for family members who are tired of turkey every year;

Not all the game is being given away or saved for Christmas though;

There are still plenty of mushrooms to forage as well, although stroganoff is one of our favourite dishes to prepare with mushrooms a pheasant and mushroom carbonara was a delicious alternative; 

The Christmas season is just as good a time as any other to enjoy wild food.

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