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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Upcoming Family Bushcraft Event;

We are offering a Bushcraft event for families to come and enjoy some time in the woods together, where they an build fires, camp out and spend time 'in nature' we will also provide some activities and opportunities to watch and track out local wildlife, take part in craft projects and learn and play with like minded people.

Places are limited so book today, you can come for just one day or spend two days and a night in the beautiful surroundings of an ancient woodland, BOOK NOW;

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Also coming soon our Halloween bushcraft camp for families;

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

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We have recently released a sample of the the new mini e-books we will be producing for our email subscribers, you can see one of the 'chapters' in this post but to receive the full e-book you need to sign up to our email list;

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  • How-To's on bushcraft and traditional skills.
  • Bushcraft Babies; following the theme of the series on the blog and the new youtube channel you will find regular articles on bushcrafting with children in the new e-books too. 
  • News and reviews of our courses
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