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Welcome to the Bushcraft Education Blog 

For what this blog is all about check out the 'about' page, here you will find some background information on the authors who regularly contribute to this blog. Click on their names to find out more about them;

Geoffrey Guy is the founder of the Bushcraft Education blog and the Founder and Director of Education for Bushcraft Education Ltd. 

Geoff  is also a lecturer at Hartpury College where he specialises in game and deer management.  

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Martin Guy has been a field sportsman for almost 50 years, and is our resident expert on firearms and meat harvesting. 

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Richard Guy is the Director of Conservation for Bushcraft Education Ltd. and project manages The Riddy Wood Project. 

As a trained ecologist and conservationist Richard is also a Conservation Works Officer for Moors for the Future. For all Richards blog posts click here

Follow this link for Richards other blog Nature is Never Far Away


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