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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

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We have recently released a sample of the the new mini e-books we will be producing for our email subscribers, you can see one of the 'chapters' in this post but to receive the full e-book you need to sign up to our email list;

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As well as a free e-book every three months as an email subscriber you can look forward to regular newsletters, discounts on our courses and products, how-to articles and much more.

In our e-books and news letter you can expect;

  • News from Riddy Wood about work going on there, courses that have taken place and informative articles on ancient woodland management, green woodwork, and traditional rural skills.
  • Bushscience articles with exclusive additional content not available on the Bushcraft Education blog.
  • Previews and samples of upcoming books by the writers at Bushcraft Education and The Riddy Wood Project.
  • How-To's on bushcraft and traditional skills.
  • Bushcraft Babies; following the theme of the series on the blog and the new youtube channel you will find regular articles on bushcrafting with children in the new e-books too. 
  • News and reviews of our courses
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We hope you enjoy the new e-book


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