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Friday, 3 January 2014

Friction Fire Lighting; Trouble shooting episode 1

This video aims to illustrate the process of experience and reflection to develop practical skills; in this case the skill of friction fire lighting with a bow drill.
Two cases are shown illustrating common obstacles encountered by students learning to light fire by friction and how they can be overcome by reflecting on experiences and making adjustments, rather than relying on intervention and correction by an instructor.

During a recent project I encouraged students studying friction fire lighting to reflect on their friction fire lighting attempts and modify their approach accordingly, they were able to identify a range of factors which would reduce their effectiveness or make the task of producing an ember impossible;

Believe it or not these comments recorded on a white board are not the results of a bushcraft innuendo competition but are valid comments identifying inefficiencies in technique. I aim to produce a few more video's showing how to combat these issues and correct your technique accordingly.

Suggestions for other issues to address are also welcome.

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