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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Foragers Diary; Venison and Pheasant Pate

Back when I wished you all a happy new year towards the beginning of January I promised a post about some home made pate I made using wild ingredients, well here it is;

Earlier in the year I froze this fallow liver ready to make pate for Christmas, normally the liver from the deer I shoot don't survive past the next breakfast but I save a few each year especially for pate. On this occasion I wanted to try something a bit different and so also added some pheasant to the recipe. 

Some people are confused by the yellow fat, but that is what it's meant to look like. If the fat of a deer I shoot is yellow then it means it has been eating a lot of oil see rape which colours the fat yellow and means it can't be sold into the food chain. With pheasants though it is always this colour. 

Cut all the meat and liver into thin strips and fry them with some other ingredients of your choice, I used challotes, garlic and as it was Christmas some cloves I also added some home made cherry jelly to add a bit of a fruity flavour. 

All the ingredients simmering away, once cooked you need to blend the mixture into a smooth pate and add milk. Once it is at the right consistency pack it in suitable containers and put it in the fridge where it will set.  As this recipe requires milk you will need to eat it fairly quickly, but that shouldn't be a problem. 

Home made venison and pheasant pate on toast, next time though I won't use the cherry as well, the combination of liver, which is sweet, pheasant, also sweet and the very sweet cherry was a bit to much for me. 


PS I promised a post on poaching this week but have been rather busy and haven't got round to finishing it off, it will be ready for you tomorrow though.

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