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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Holiday Bushcraft Part 1 (Family)

We are on holiday at the moment so rather than just scheduling the standard sort of posts that you have come to expect from the Bushcraft Education Blog I thought I would share some of the bushcrafty things we get up to on our holidays;

One of the places we love to visit on our Holidays is the little cabin we built for the children, unfortunately as we no longer manage the woodland at Riddy Wood that wont be an option in the future but it has been great fun for the children to spend time there over the last few years. 

Fishing is another favourite holiday activity and the source of a great selection of wild food, whether it's rock pooling with the children for a handful of shrimps or taking it a little more seriously in a boat or with the fly rod.  


Nature is always a big part of our holidays, whether that's the bugs and insect that we find in our tent, the butterflies we see on our walks or the larger birds an animals we encounter. 

Climbing always features in our holidays, whether it hills and mountain, cliffs or trees; 


Most of our holidays are camping holidays but as we're bushcrafters that doesn't always mean staying in a tent;

We like visiting historical places as well and our oldest son Michael is so interested in Cubs and Scouts that he was particularly pleased to visit Brownsea island a little while ago;

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