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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Holiday Bushcraft Part 3 (Scotland)

We regularly visit Scotland during our holiday's Dumfries and Galloway and the Southern Uplands is our regular destination during the Easter Holidays;

Hiking the Southern Upland Way
Picking a picnic spot on the Southern Upland Way

Playing on the coast of the Solway Firth

As well as regular Easter visits over the years last year I spent the whole Summer in Scotland, not on Holiday, I was working (briefly) for the Field Studies Council at their residential environmental education centre at Kindrogan but the months we spent there not only meant a brief move to Scotland beautiful countryside and a taste of the Scottish school system for the children but it also  included the children's school holidays and we were able to take advantage of the beautiful countryside and wildlife there;

One of my favourite places in the world and somewhere I could imagine building a little cabin and settling down. 

Foraging for golden saxifrage on a family hike in the rain

Exploring 'The Den of Alyth' on a family hike

Clearing a footpath after windfalls

A bit of whittling 

Michael fascinated by the frogs in our garden 

Crowberries and billberries foraged on a family hike with yogurt and honey .

Kindrogan hill, I hiked this hill about twice a week while working at Kondrogan leading groups of National Citizenship participants to the tops as part of their programme of activities. 
Michael chopping chantarelles  ready for dinner. 
Michael collecting raspberries on the slopes of kindrogan hill

hunting for raspberries, and bears?

Heading of for another hike and some rock climbing. 

Learning about rare breeds of pheasants at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace

Investigating aquatic invertebrates with the fly dressers guild again at the game fair at scone palace. 

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