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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

#bushcraftbabies private Bushcraft Show

This year my children weren't able to come to the Bushcraft Show with me as they usually would as they all had the chicken pox, so after I got back from the show as I had some time off from teaching over the half term holiday we had our own private bushcraft show in the back garden;

Lillie spent quite some time learning to use a pocket knife safely and used it to cut the bark off a log looking for woodlice.  

They painted some wooden mushrooms just like the visitors to the Bushcraft Education stand at the real Bushcraft Show did. 

They made some charcoal pencils in our washing machine fire pit and did some drawing with it;

They used their knife skills to prepare lunch;

Michael choice of a banana and salami combination for his kebab was an unusual one. 

Some less unusual kebabs on the grill.
We made some paracord fobs for their fire steels too.

Even the youngest bushcraft baby Peter got involved in the quality controling some whittled spoons. .

Although they may have missed the real thing we really did have a good time at our own little bushcraft show and the best thing about it is that we can have one whenever we want. 

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