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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Adapt and Improvise; washing machine BBQ

Our washing machine needed replacing recently, so rather than just chuck the old one out I thought I would make use of it; 

This is the drum once it has been taken out of the machine. All the plastic casing, concrete and hoses will need to be removed before you get any further. This was a fairly simple job; the plastic is mostly held on with clips and the concrete is bolted on so it can be removed fairly easily. Some of the bolts on this one were corroded a bit but it was only bolted to the plastic so it still fairly easy to hacksaw off. 

The drum once removed from it's plastic casing. 

These plastic 'wings' can either be removed fairly simply, they just clip through the outside of the drum and are fastened at the bottom with a nut and bolt. Or they can be burned out when you light the BBQ for the first time. I chose to remove them first but remember if you are going to burn them out not to cook anything over the flames until all the plastic is well and truly gone.   

Now to cut a whole in the front for ease of access to add more fuel or manipulate the fire/coals. An angle grinder made short work of this. 

Be aware that the edges will be very sharp so consider filing them smooth or covering them with something. 

The edges of the whole in the front of the BBQ have now been filed smooth and covered in tape to protect your hands while you are adding fuel. I also set the BBQ on three legs so it stands at a little over waist height so you don't have to bend down to do your cooking. 

First time of lighting and after straightening up the legs a bit so the sausages don't roll off the grill. It seems to work just fine. Check out the foragers diary series on this blog soon for a venison sausage recipe that will be perfect for you washing machine BBQ.  

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