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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bushcraft Babies; Axes, chainsaws and bugs.

We will be running a regular bushcraft babies feature on the Bushcraft Education Blog from now on, you may have seen an earlier Bushcraft babies posts on foraging for berries or seen my articles in Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine on the topic of practicing bushcraft with children.

Recently my children visited me in Riddy Wood while I was doing some work and had a bit of fun and helped me out. 

Michael's first experience with an axe was chopping up this rotten wood to make a dead wood pile for insects.

Lillie wasn't afraid of picking up the lesser stag beetle larvae she found. 

We found an immature smooth newt. 

Which Michael adopted as his pet dragon

They both decided they were lumberjacks

and helped carry some planks we made to be stacked for seasoning in the bivi. 

We look forward to sharing some more 'Bushcraft Babies' experiences with you in the future.


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