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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Blog Hijack; Natures Playground

Geoff is at the Midland Game Fair Today promoting Reaseheath College's Game Management Course so in his absence I am hijacking his blog again. 

Today I am going to write a little on the topic of children outdoors but in particular natures playground. Obviously there are so many different things for families to do outside, All it takes is a little imagination which, I am very happy to say our children are not short of.

Michael being a hobbit looking for Gollum's cave on the way up Cadair Idris 

When we go for walks near home the nearest willow tree becomes a rope swing or a rocket blasting off as they swing out over the water. 

When we are in the woods or fields of flowers or crops they are great places to play hide and seek, in the nearest hollow tree, tall grass or covered in flowers. 

 Who can forget the classic den/fort building . Our children have a den in our garden that the love to play in and it takes on many roles; from a pirate ship to a princess palace and, of course, a hobbit hole. When playtime is over they are happy to sleep out in it. 

They don't only play in dens in the garden they like to make them in the woods and when we are out camping.

Hot chocolates and smoked venison on a cold, wet February evening ready for a night in Riddy Wood.  

The Bivi the children slept in back in February was heated by a simple stove made out of an old tractor oil drum. 
I love that our children can enjoy living/playing outdoors and that they can use their imaginations to look at things in a totally different way than maybe you or I would view them and see fun and mystery in the simplest of things. Our daughter Lillie loves stones and she will often collect them and make pictures from them or add some to her collection which everybody has to see because she is so proud of it.

There are pretend sharks at the sea side and shells that become treasure I could go on and on and the best thing is theses great activities and fun to be had cost nothing. I speak about our children in this blog but the truth is the outdoors and nature is out there for all of us to enjoy and there is no age limit.

 We love being outdoors.


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