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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bushcraft Show (Friday 22nd May)

So it's finally here, my children have been excited about the bushcraft show for weeks and we are just tucking up in our bivi ready for a good nights sleep before the show starts in ernest. 

We have traveled down from Cheshire, which wasn't too long a drive, bringing the Reaseheath College Countryside Management Departments tent and banners with us as well as out own kit. Although I won't be able to spend time on the college stand this weekend please go and have a chat with the staff there or speak to me on the Bushcraft Education stand about the new Environmental Archaeology and Bushcraft course that will start at the college in September. 

If you are at the bushcraft show and are reading this come and find us on the Bushcraft Education stand at pitch 18 just behind the main tent. Reaseheath College are near the lake. If you're not at the bushcraft show we will be live blogging from the event to keep you up to date. 

Getting the kit sorted and dinner cooked at the bushcraft education stand

The tent still needs a little work.

Just because we are at the bushcraft show doesn't mean Lillie plans to go without her story before bed, the gruffalo's child today.

The Bushcraft Education cave of wonders, thanks to those who have already stopped by for a chat about deer, wildlife, forest schools, woodland and bushcraft in general. 

As well as being excited about the bushcraft show itself Richard and I Have another resason to be excited. This week Bushcraft Education has official become a limited company and we are officially launching our flagship project; The Riddy Wood Project today. 

Bushcraft Education will operate as a not for profit organisation with the primary aim of teaching about the environment through bushcraft and the skills of countryside and woodland management which often applied many of the skills of bushcraft to real practical tasks today even when many people think of bushcraft as mainly consisting of lost or dead skills practiced by no one other than indigenous tribes and Bushcrafters. 

Check out for all the details on our project in Riddy Wood Cambridgeshire and sign up for our woodland management course in October, be quick places are limited. 


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