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Monday, 26 January 2015

Environmental Archaeology and Bushcraft Course at Reaseheath College

Experimental Archaeology is a field of study which generates and tests archaeological hypothesis. This is achieved by replicating archaeological equipment, or performing tasks that ancient cultures may have undertaken.

With this new course we aim to bridge the gap between academic theories and the practical lives of those we study and whose methods we replicate. By studying A level Archaeology, Environmental Studies, Bushcraft and Primitive Skills, you will gain greater understanding of the lives of our ancestors, the environments in which they lived and the ancient skills that they possessed.

Throughout the two years, not only will you gain the qualification that you desire, should you wish to progress to University, your primitive survival skills together with naturalist skills will be strengthened and enhanced as part of the natural progression of the course. 

The college orchard where a lot of practical work will take place, current students have built the structures here from timber harvested entirely from the college estate. 

A birds-eye view showing the riving brakes for green woodwork behind the main building, the fire-pit where students have recently been making birch bark tar and the remnants of the larch logs which have been milled for planking.  

For further information and to apply contact;


Geoffrey Guy

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