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Friday, 14 November 2014

The Strawberry Tree; Foragers Diary

The strawberry tree Arbutus unedo is an unusuall plant, also known as the cane apple it is native to Western Europe and the Meditaranian, some parts of France and, strangely enough, Southwest and Northwest Ireland.  It is not native to England or Wales but is occasionaly cutlivated.

There just happens to be one growing in along the roadside on my walk to to work which has yielded quite a lot of delicious fruit recently.
The unripe fruit of the strawberry tree and it's white bell shaped flowers.

Birch bark and strawberry tree fruit all collected on the way back from a walk to the corner shop.

A bowl full of the ripe fruit
 The fruit is delicious on it's own althought the rough skin gives it a bit of a strange, gritty texture and is hard to remove without completely squashing the fruit.

Taditionaly used as a plant for bees the fruit is also used for jams and beverages but I'm yet to experiement with any recipies.

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