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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Selecting the right wood for friction fire lighting. From 'Bow Drill Trouble Shooting'

Last Winter I carried out a project looking into how people learn and how education is 'facilitated'. As this project was to count towards a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education  and I have a specific interest in bushcraft I thought I would look at ways of helping learners learn to light a fire by friction.

Prompted by this project, which more or less involved letting students work out the bow drill by themselves, after seeing them come up against many obstacles (and solve many of them) I published Bow Drill Trouble Shooting in May this year.

In Bow Drill Trouble Shooting you will find many short case studies on problems commonly encountered while learning the bow drill fire lighting method. I attempt to provide some guidance on how to overcome these problems. I hope you enjoy the sample chapter "Wrong Wood" all about choosing the right kind of wood for your fire kits, this sample is also available to download or print here.  Or you can purchase the print or kindle version of the complete book directly from Amazon.

As well as 'wrong wood' 22 other problems you may encounter are addressed including;

  • I can't hold the drill steady 
  • The drill get's shiny
  • 'smoking hand'
  • I made fire... Now what? 

Your comments and reviews would be much appreciated either here on my blog or on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the read.

All the best


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