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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

#bushcraftbabies Uteliv med farfar

Our main books page includes our reviews and recommendations of key bushcraft texts but today I'll be sharing something about a book I pick up on a recent trip to Sweden.
The English title would be Outdoor Life with Granddad but it currently isn't available in English, it includes a great selection of activities that could be undertaken out of doors with young people. The fact that it's authored by Lars Fält was one of the main things that attracted me to it, Lars has such a great reputation and it was nice to be able to get something of his written in Swedish. As my Dad likes to spend time with his children and now grand-children out of doors and to be able to share a book with him specifically about outdoor activities with granddad was really nice. Although to my children my Dad is farfar (literally Dad's Dad) rather than morfar (mum's dad). If you are confident with your bushcraft skills you may not gain a great deal of new knowledge from this book but it is a really nice read and there is a section I particularly like in the first few pages about how outdoor life was once an every day thing for many people rather than something novel. The author shares a couple of examples of how the Sami and how farmers divide up their year based seasonal factors and on what outdoor tasks require their attention. 

Reading this book also made me think about some of the fun times my children have had with their granddad out of doors recently.   

Michael walking with Grandad in Thetford Forest

What have they found?

Is it the remnants of a squirrels breakfast?

Looking for flint in the root plate of a wind blown douglas fir. 

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