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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Woodland management in Riddy Wood day 3

I have almost finished coppicing the coup I was planning on doing, everything is felled that needs to be I just need to drag a bit of brash and stack some more timber and it will be done. 

The weather has been horrible most of the day, it started raining a little last night but by this morning it was really pelting down and it didn't let up until about one o'clock, after that it was nice but by then my chainsaĆ” trousers, gloves and everything was soaking.

So while I cooked dinner this evening I made the most of the warmth and dried some of my kit as well.

The warmth from the stove while my eggs cooked dried out my trousers and boots too. 

I made an interesting discovery this evening, a squirrel has made it's winter stash in one of the beds in the main camp at Riddy Wood, the beds are made of two simple A-frame's with poles attached on either side with a tube of fabric in between, this gives a nice dry, warm sleeping platform off the cold hard ground, but one of the ones that hasn't been used for a while had this in it under the carry mat that was laying on top;

So the squirrel will be disappointed when he comes back for his acorns, and if he times his return really badly, he'll become dinner himself.

More tomorrow


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