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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Bushcraft Show (Sat 23rd)

The first full day of the show, been a good but busy day.
Geoff has run two workshops on how to make Sami bracelets and Richard has been speaking to people about The Riddy Wood project among other things on the Bushcraft Education stand. We even had a celebrity visit, Lofty Wiseman of SAS Survival guide fame stopped by for a brief chat while touring the stands after his talk this morning.
Our display on ageing deer by their teeth has been of interest to a fair few people, especially the Chinese Water Deer skull which very few people have ever seen before. Guesses as to what it may be have ranged from the obvious but rather unspecific 'skull', through the ubiquitous sabre tooth tiger, fox, badger and other predatory mammals to a seal, which was different. Muntjac are a bit more widely know,  although their history in the UK has been a talking point with many people who weren't aware how they came to be here in the first place.
We've had a lot of interest in the aims of the Riddy Wood project too, with lots of people saying it sounds like a great idea to provide the mix of subjects we will be with the hands on nature of the opportunities which will be available. We've had a lot of interest in the course too so if you had your heart set on a place in October book now, but if you miss the boat we will be releasing data for the February course soon - keep an eye on the new riddy wood website for details on that and all other up and coming courses.
We are still really in need of support to get the project off the ground so please do go to and follow the links there to donate on crowd funder. The funds will go to providing tools and kit we need to give us a boost as we get up and running. Perhaps most important in our fund raising target is the portion which willgo towards purchasing sufficient basic tools for groups to use on our courses. Buying twelve of everything means even simple tools become very expensive!
Come back tomorrow for another update on Bushcraft Educations day at the Bushcraft show (and probably some more pictures!)

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