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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Stand up for Stanage

I know this isn't strictly related to bushcraft, but this campaign from the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) begs the question why can't there be a closer relationship between mainstream outdoor activities and field sports?  Maybe bushcraft which combines elements of both is a good common ground to start on;

As I first read this article and the proposed 'Stanage Charter' I was pleased that there was going to be an effort to protect this iconic area of the Peak District but as I read the charter and saw the point that *Shooting rights should not be excercised I was very disapointed.
I am deeply concerned that one interest group among popular outdoor activities should include in their agenda the restriction of another outdoor activity. To my mind there is no reason that shooting (and field sports in general) and climbing, walking and mountaineering should not coexist amicably and support each other. Shooting and game management activities taking place would not automatically mean that access to stanage was restricted.
AFTER ALL WE ALL WANT TO SPEND TIME OUTDOORS; whether you want to carry a gun or a climbing harness is largely irrelevant.

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