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Thursday, 5 September 2013

One Dangerous Thing You Should Let Your Kids Do

I have always been determined that my children would own pocket knives and learn how to use them responsibly and well.
I had a pocket knife as a child and although I bare a few scars from it I grew up with a healthy respect for tools and developed good dexterity. I want my children to grow up considering a knife to be a tool rather than the dangerous weapon that misinformed teachers and media would have them believe.

Despite this wish of mine I hadn't really considered introducing my son Michael (who is three) to knife use just yet. Bearing in mind my recent post sharing Gever Tulley's  TED talk and having watched a programme by Norwegian adventurer Lars Monsen where I saw very young Sami children throwing a lasso and using knives I rethought my self imposed 'age limit' for my sons use of knives.

This is the result;

He was very happy with the stick man he made and although I obviously helped a lot for this first project I hope that teaching him these skills young will help him in some way. 

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