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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Orange Ash Cakes

One of the simplest camp fire baking exercises you can imagine; 
  • make a simple sponge cake or chocolate brownie mixture 
  • Half several oranges (it also works with grapefruits and melons, but orange is best for flavour) and scoop out the pulp (don't worry if quite a lot is left attached to the inside of the skin)
  • Spoon the cake mixture into the now empty orange skins, don't over fill them as they will rise and spill out. 
  • Rake the embers of your camp fire out relatively flat in a bed an inch or so deep.
  • Place the orange half's into the hot embers of your camp fire.

et voila; 10-15 minutes in the embers (depending on the size of your orange) and you have orange flavored cakes in biodegradable, environmentally friendly, if slightly hot (be careful) wrappers.   

If you're wondering why there are bricks in my fire (in the right of the picture) they had been part of a brick oven in which I had cooked a chicken and sweet potatoes (I sense this will be the topic of a later post) as the main course of this meal. 

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