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Saturday, 12 December 2015


After the Wild food and foraging theme of the last few posts on sustainability this week I thought I'd share how Lillie recently got involved in some wild food preparation.

Lillie isn't squeamish at all about carrying, plucking, skinning or eating wild food. Last Saturday she helped prepare two ducks for Sunday dinner and for soup later in the week.

You may have seen Martins post a while ago about how to prepare a pigeon for the table, we did these ducks in the same way, although I did take the legs as well.  Normally I would pluck a duck as there is a lot more meat on them than on a pigeon but we were loosing the light and in the interest of time we skinned these ones. 

Four duck breasts and four duck legs ready for dinner.

Lillie took the beautiful blue/green wing feathers for some art projects.

Duck and Pomegranate Soup adapted from a recipe from an excellent book which you can find at the link below, we changed it slightly and instead of the pomegranate molasses the recipe called for we used our home made mixed berry jelly.

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