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Monday, 8 June 2015


The Bushcraft Education Team are very pleased to announce that Bushcraft Education is no longer just a blog;

On the 20th May 2015 Bushcraft Education Ltd. was formed.

The company was formed with Geoff as the Director of education and Richard as Director of Conservation. 

The Bushcraft Education blog was always about using bushcraft to teach, not necessarily teaching bushcraft, rather using the fact that bushcraft is a very engaging topic to teach about other things, such as science. This is still a major aim now that we are Bushcraft Education Ltd. and has become an even bigger feature of the blog through the 'applied bushcraft' series. 

We hope to promote opportunities for environmental education and engagement (where environmental can be taken to mean any education or engagement activity which relates to, or is undertaken in, an outdoor or natural environment, including but not limited to 'Bushcraft', Ecology, Conservation, Natural Science, Sustainable Land Management, Traditional Skills, Wild Food sources and others).

Our current flagship enterprise is The Riddy Wood project which Richard is leading, and which aims to restore areas of ancient woodland and to facilitate research and the delivery of environmental education. 

We are looking forward to inviting volunteers from Reaseheath College into Riddy Wood next week to help us with some of the work which needs to be carried out to make the place ready for our first formal courses a little later in the year. 

We hope that soon we will be able to invite you to come come and attend some of our courses and workshops and look forward to sharing our passion for the outdoors and particularly bushcraft with many people over the years to come.  

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