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Emergency Preparedness

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The horsemen of the Apocalypse By Sun Ladder - Own work, CC0, Link

As the current unstable political climate, the threat of terrorist attacks, ebola outbreaks and other potentially world changing events occur around the world preparedness for emergencies has become a hot topic. There are more companies than ever cashing in on the 'prepping' fad and selling freeze dried rations, emergency kits and old decommissioned nuclear bunkers are being snapped up all over the country.

Although this sort of emergency preparedness is not directly linked to the practice of traditional bushcraft skills those skills and experience of living an working in nature with basic equipment will make a huge difference in real survival situations. Being able to forage and hunt food, find and purify water, navigate, use traditional tools to fabricate every day items and a host of other bushcraft skills would, in the event of major emergencies such as EMP bursts wiping out electronic devices, including all modern cars, computers etc... nuclear war or other apocalyptic events, suddenly be very valuable.

Also consider that the primitive and traditional bushcraft skills which interest us so much include, if we look deeply enough into it, the seasonal requirement to stockpile and preserve food for winter and seasonal scarcity in exactly the same way that people would stockpile food in preparation for real winter food shortages or imagined zombie apocalypse.

With these things and the pre-eminence of stories about prepping in our 'Bushcraft and Survival in the News' series in mind the Bushcraft Education Blog is going to add some pages on emergency preparedness to the site, they will be available through the links below and directly from the bushcraft basics page.

There will be more pages appearing on similar topics over the next few months which will hopefully be useful to you. 

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