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Bushcraft Heroes

It was reading my Dad's copy of lofty Wiseman's SAS survival handbook that got me interested in survival skills and since then Lofty has been one of my bushcrafting heroes.  
There are a few people out there who are heroes of mine when it comes to bushcraft, perhaps people who have personally taught me things or been an example to me or people who have been particularly influential through their books or who have left a lasting impression on the historical record thanks to their bushcraft skills.

We will be featuring these bushcraft heroes from time to time on the blog and you will also find links to them here.

Proenneke's Cabin
Dick Proenneke's cabin at Twin Lakes Alaska. Image By Caitlin Marr (Flickr: Proenneke's Cabin) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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